Rainbow Snowflakes


Try this fun activity on a sunny day to explore patterns of how  sun reflects light.

Take an old CD and use the shiny side to reflect light onto a blank wall or poster board.

Questions to ask:

What do you notice? Do you see a pattern? Are the patterns moving?

Do you see any colors? Which ones?

What happens if you move the CD around so the sun hits it differently?

What other questions come to your mind? What do you wonder?

Next, trace the CD several times onto a piece of paper and cut out the shapes. Fold the papers and cut out snowflakes. Tape the snowflakes on the shiny side of the CD and put it in the window to reflect the light.

Questions to ask:

What kind of pattern do you see now?

How has it changed? Why do you think that happened?

Science behind activity:

To learn more about how CDs reflect rainbow colors, visit: https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/question52.htm