What can we plant? What makes it grow?


Save a few seeds from some fresh fruits and veggies or use a packet of flower, fruit, or vegetable seeds. Place a few seeds inside a lightly damp paper towel until roots appear. Then move the sprouted seed to a sunny place and bury it just beneath the surface of the soil. Keep watering every few days and checking on the seeds to watch them grow.

Questions to ask:

Will the seed grow without water/soil? (Not for long without water. Yes it will grow without soil.)

Does a seed need sunshine? (Seeds need light, or sunshine to grow healthy.)

How do seeds travel in nature? (They can fall off trees and be covered by animals, dropped by traveling animals, or blown around by the wind.)

Which direction will the roots/leaves/stems grow? (Roots will grow down. Stems and leaves will grow toward the light.)

Are seeds alive? (Yes! A seed has a tiny baby plant inside just waiting for the right conditions to grow.)

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