/ SciZoom: Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Changes

SciZoom: Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Changes

March 17, 2021
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Invite us into your classroom!

For March, the ISP’s SciZoom program will feature a discussion with Washington University Assistant Professor of Biology Carlos Botero. He’ll discuss how the evolution of brains and intelligence in birds and the evolution of human culture were related to past changes in the Earth’s climate.. This SciZoom session is directed at students in grades 3-8.

SciZoom provides opportunities for K-12 students in our region to get up close and personal with WashU faculty to learn about the latest scientific research and innovation. Students will be able to ask questions during these virtual events. There is no cost.

Participants will be able to view the talk through YouTube or Zoom. We encourage teachers to project the Zoom/YouTube to your classroom or send the YouTube link to your students that are virtual.

“This SciZoom will be recorded. You can access the recording using the same YouTube streaming link you receive after you register.”

The YouTube chat will be disabled.  Any participants watching on YouTube can submit questions during the talk to Tori at vengel@wustl.edu.