/ Blue Skies and Beyond Series: How Cells Eat Food

Blue Skies and Beyond Series: How Cells Eat Food

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Featured Presenter: Timothy Wencewicz, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis
It’s true, you are what you eat; and individual cells, like many children, can be picky eaters. In his presentation, Dr. Wencewicz will discuss the molecular basis for nutrient acquisition in a variety of cell types and look ahead to the potential for treating human disease with a controlled molecular diet.
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Dr. Wencewicz is an expert on antibiotics and infectious disease. He has pioneered new approaches for overcoming antibiotic resistance to spark innovation for antibacterial drug discovery in the age of superbugs.
FREE and OPEN to all. Middle, high school science, engineering teachers and PLTW teachers encouraged to attend. Registration is required.

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