/ Blue Skies & Beyond: What's In Your Soap? Is It Really Necessary?

Blue Skies & Beyond: What's In Your Soap? Is It Really Necessary?

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Join us January 8, 2020 for the Blue Skies and Beyond Hot Topics in STEM Discussion Series:
What Is That In Your Soap and Is It Really Necessary?

Which should you choose? Regular soap or one that’s antimicrobial? What is a “superbug”? Are antibiotic-resistant pathogens more likely to make you sick? Should you take an antibiotic for seasonal flu? Why, or why not?
In her talk, Dr. Petra Anne Levin will discuss the answers to these questions and the role of antimicrobial compounds in human health, both good and bad. She will explain how antibiotics kill bacteria and the many tricks bacterial pathogens have developed to avoid such a fate.

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Professor Levin studies the impact of the environment on the growth and antibiotic resistance of bacteria. She is the co-director of the Plant and Microbial Sciences Graduate Program at Washington University and teaches an undergraduate course focused on science communication in the context of infectious disease.