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Blue Skies Discussion Group

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Looking for thoughtful conversation? Interested in environmental issues and energy? Join our Blue Skies discussion group!
WHO: K-12 educators (particularly middle and high school science teachers)
WHEN: 4:00 – 6:00 PM, June 6
WHERE: mySci Resource Center, 6601 Vernon Avenue, St. Louis MO 63130
WHAT: Please join us for a discussion around Energy for Future Presidents, by Richard Muller, his overall body of work, and climate change skepticism
Attendees will receive a FREE copy of the book Energy for Future Presidents, by Richard Muller In his book, Muller, a physics professor and converted climate change skeptic, provides the answers for our energy priorities now and in the coming years.
Sophia Hayes, chemistry professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Kathleen Dwyer, chemistry teacher, Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School
Lauren Ashman, curriculum coordinator, Institute for School Partnership
Visiting scientists will join the discussion group each week.
Come with an open mind and be willing to discuss these issues from multiple perspectives. We want a culture of tolerance and careful inspection of ideas.