/ Coffee & Conversation: Human-Centered School Transformation

Coffee & Conversation: Human-Centered School Transformation

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Are you looking to build capacity of teachers to cultivate deeper learning in their classrooms? Are you looking to build strong leadership teams in schools? Are you looking to reshape classroom practice to include more student voice and choice, and more rigorous and engaging learning work?
If the answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, join us for a series of sessions to learn about human-centered school transformation. Open to K-12 educators, school and district administrator, principals, coordinators and leaders.
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SESSION 3 (April 5):

  • Design and systems thinking as critical tools in the change process
  • Building resilience in individuals and in the organization to support deep change

Facilitators: Dr. Linda Henke, former Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District superintendent and co-founder and executive director for the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership. She will be joined by Dr. Steven Brotherton, former Affton School District superintendent.
Join Us! Register HERE: https://schoolpartnership.wustl. edu/sign-up-for-tli-sessions