/ Free Computer Science Workshop for K-5 Teachers

Free Computer Science Workshop for K-5 Teachers

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Regardless of what subject you teach, computer science is foundational knowledge for all students in the 21st century. Incorporating it into your classroom will give your students a huge leg up. Besides, kids love learning about computer science. With the help of Code.org, the ISP is providing a no cost, one-day workshop for elementary school teachers interested in teaching computer science. Sign up today!
REGISTRATION LINK: https://studio.code.org/pd/workshops/7772/enroll
Included at no cost:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • printed curriculum guide
  • Certificate of completion (which could count for PD credit)
  • Fun Code.org swag

[buttonrnd link=”https://sites.wustl.edu/schoolpartnership/files/2019/08/Workshop_092819.pdf” type=”type-1-3″ size=”small” ] Code.org Workshop Flyer [/buttonrnd]