/ Science in St. Louis: Robotic Planetary Exploration

Science in St. Louis: Robotic Planetary Exploration

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Featured Speaker: Pablo Sobron, Ph.D., Research Scientist, SETI Institute & Impossible Sensing

Studies of different, extreme environments on Earth have revolutionized our understanding of how life on Earth might have emerged and advanced our knowledge of possible environments where life could exist on other planets. To advance this knowledge further and to prepare for the exploration of potential habitable environments elsewhere, there is a need for new, innovative in-situ exploration technologies and analytical methods. SETI Institute research scientist, Dr. Pablo Sobron, reviews our most recent field campaigns to planetary analog environments, from desert to Antarctic settings, where we test and refine new technologies and operational strategies for the in-situ astrobiological exploration of Mars, Europa, and beyond.

FREE and OPEN to ALL. Junior Academy members, middle and high school students welcome and encouraged to attend. Space is limited. Registration required. Click HERE to register.