/ STEMpact Leadership Workshop

STEMpact Leadership Workshop

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A workshop for school and district administrators, principals, coordinators, coaches, teachers and leaders interested in bringing a stronger STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) mindset and intention to school and classroom practices.
Thursday February 15:  Science

  • The Institute for School Partnership (Washington University) will lead participants in a hands-on science learning experience and provide an overview of MySci resources for classroom use.

  • STEMpact is sponsoring the STEM Leadership series. There is no cost for participating.
  • When you register, it is assumed you will want a box lunch unless you say otherwise- so if you cannot attend after registering, kindly let us know.


  • Registration is due one week prior to each session date so we can have adequate seating, copies and food (continental breakfast).
  • You may register as an individual or you may register a group.
  • Send the following information: Name(s), position(s), school/district and email contact for each date you will attend.  Send information to stemqualityteaching@gmail.com.