/ Virtual: Achieve, Behave, Belong: A School-wide Approach

Virtual: Achieve, Behave, Belong: A School-wide Approach

July 13, 2021

A School-wide Approach to Fostering All Students’ Academic, Behavioral & Social-Emotional Development

From Connected Learning, five free virtual professional learning sessions focused on creating an amazing environment for your students.

Creating an environment in which all students achieve academic success, meet behavioral expectations, and feel a sense of belonging is a matter of providing integrated and responsive instruction. By integrating the teaching of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional skills within all aspects of the educational program and remaining responsive to the varied needs of the entire student population, schools create learning environments in which all students achieve, behave, and belong. Whether you are new to RtI/MTSS or an experienced practitioner, the insights and resources offered will provide the guidance needed to increase the effectiveness of your processes and practices.