/ Math314 Workshop: Developing Our Math Confidence

Math314 Workshop: Developing Our Math Confidence

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Math314’s workshop on Developing Our Math Confidence!
Are you hoping to start the next school year with new strategies and mindset to open up math learning to all your students? Math314 is offering this two-day workshop (July 24-25, 9am-3pm) for K-8 classroom teachers. Participants will develop confidence in math by learning instructional strategies that reduce anxiety in a math classroom. Using the NCTM Effective Math Teaching practices as the guide, participants will practice planning and classroom routines that will make learning math fun for both teachers and students.

Click HERE to register. (Only 20 spots available).

[buttonrnd link=”https://sites.wustl.edu/schoolpartnership/files/2019/04/Developing-Our-Math-Confidence-with-Tasks.pdf” type=”type-1-3″ size=”small” ] Download Workshop Flyer [/buttonrnd]