How are Animals Different?

Activity: Gather your animals together. Line them up from smallest to largest. Make groups of animals, by kind or number of limbs. Pick one animal and find the eyes, ears, nose and mouth on it. Compare those features to different toy animals. Safety Tip: Watch out for loose parts on toys that could be pulled […]

What Can Float in a Pool?

Activity: Look around. Did you bring anything to the pool that can float? What about an empty soda can, or some aluminum foil? Did you bring any floaty toys? Put each of the items in the water and see how they float.  Can you change the material so they would sink?  If they can float, […]

How Is Milk Different Than Water?

Activity: Pour a little milk onto a plate. Pour a small amount of water onto a different plate. Add drops of food coloring around the edges of the plates. In the center of the plate add a few drops of dish detergent. Notice what happens on each plate. Safety Tip: Do not drink the milk […]

How Are Fold Mountains Formed?

The most common form of mountain ranges, like the Rockies, are fold mountains. How are they made? Activity: Lay down a stack of towels, each one folded in half. If possible use towels of various colors. Put a box on either side of the towels. Push the boxes (continental plates) towards each other and observe […]

Stadium Wave

How does standing up in your seat and raising your arms turn into a stadium wave? Activity: The next time you are at the ballpark take notice of a few things about the stadium wave. You can try this with your hand. Lift one finger up at a time and put it down before you […]

Are All Leaves the Same?

Activity: Look for leaves on the way home. Notice, where they are – on a tree, a bush, a plant or maybe they are on the ground? Ask a parent if you can collect some, or take a picture on their phone. See how many different kinds of leaves you can find. Questions to ask: […]