Here at Washington University we have a wealth of knowledge and talent and our work at the Institute for School Partnership is to connect our faculty to the K-12 education community in order to help educators spark curiosity in their students and empower them to take learning to a deeper level.

Faculty Engagement

The ISP provides campus-wide support for faculty to develop outreach opportunities with St. Louis area K-12 schools. ISP personnel work with faculty to help identify the best engagement for them and turn their passion into action.

Faculty Fellows

Started in 2010, the Faculty Fellows Program honors faculty members for their research and work on behalf of K-12 education. From the classics to computer sciences, each faculty member brings a different set of skills and expertise.

Research should not be isolated to the lab

Bringing cutting edge research to K-12 classrooms.

Building neuroscience pipeline in St. Louis

Spelling-bee style contest for high school students.