mySci Science STEM

HEC-TV spotlights ISP's mySci Do program

By Suzanne Vanderhoef

For far too many local kids, school supplies aren’t just notebooks and pencils. For them, a warm coat, a pair of socks, or even a toothbrush might be the difference that allows them to go to school ready to learn.

That’s where The Little Bit Foundation comes in.

Founded in 2001, the Little Bit Foundation now serves more than 11-thousand students in 38 area schools every week. In every school that they serve, there’s a Little Bit space they call “The Boutique”. And in that Boutique, there’s emergency items – coats, underwear, socks, hygiene items – anything that may come up as an emergency so that child can stay in school that day.
And now, Little Bit is using its connections and expertise in another way: helping bring STEM learning to the classroom thru a partnership program with Washington University and Maryville called mySci Do.

Watch the segment below or visit HEC-TV’s website.