Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology Overview

Building Food for the Future: Agricultural Biotechnology Activities for Urban Students

Explore issues regarding land use, food production, world hunger and selective breeding through activities designed for students who have little or no experience with agriculture. Learn about genetically modified foods and grow mini “fields” of soybeans and weeds to test how a biotech herbicide works. Test samples of powdered potatoes from transgenic plants to determine how scientists are biopharming human insulin. Explore controversial issues in agricultural biotechnology, including regulation, labeling, ecology, ethics and economics, through studies of current news. Finally, discuss how to alleviate world hunger in the face of population growth through farming, biotechnology, policy and education.

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Building Food for the Future

Grade level: 10-12
164 pages
2007 edition

Authors: Bruce Chapman, Sandra Clifton, Carla L. Easter, Janet Eubanks, Susan K. Flowers, Anna Cristina Garza, Elmer Kellmann, John McGrath, Chuck McWilliams, Victoria L. May, Valerie Mertz, Eric J. Richards, William C. Thoele, Marcia N. Vincent, Larry Wegmann

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund and additional support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.