Ethogram & Animal Behavior Research

Animal Behavior Overview

The Ethogram and Animal Behavior Research: In Your Classroom and at the Zoo

Answer questions about why animals do certain things by observing class pets, family pets, wild animals from the yard or park, or zoo animals. Create your own ethogram, a tool that animal researchers use to categorize all behaviors a species performs. Build skills in observation, description and quantification. Many teachers find this unit helps students who enjoy writing and social sciences to generate an interest in science.

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The Ethogram and Animal Behavior Research

Grade level: 5-8
124 pages
2002 edition

Authors: Janet Crews, Stan Braude, Carol Stephenson, Terrilyn Clardy

Developed by teachers with educators at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Developed with support from the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Research Resources, Science Education Partnership Award.