MySci Unit 02 – Sun and Shade (PREVIEW)


Earth and Space Systems:
Weather Patterns, Sun, Temperature and Shadows

What makes the sidewalk hot?
Beginning with exploring what temperature is and what thermometers do, the students compare areas of their schoolyard for differences. They learn to collect and use data over time. They also design a shade umbrella to reduce the temperature of an area.

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MySci Unit 02 Preview

Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten

21 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Millicent Coleman

    I really loved using the first kit and I’m excited about getting the second.

    • skyler wiseman

      Millicent, im so happy to hear that. What did the kids like best? How did their sunshades come out? Any pictures? Sky

      • Millicent Coleman

        Oh, We haven’t gotten the new Sun and Shade kit just yet. I am going to training on Friday. But they loved the “Seeing, Hearing, Smelling and Touching Like a Scientist?” kit. The 10 jars to smell was their favorite. They also loved manipulating the hand held lenses to discover (observe bugs and such on our listening/nature walk). We are excited for the new kit and will post our new learning adventures as soon as they happen. Thanks again :).

  • Millicent Coleman

    We just recently finished the Sun & Shade kits. We did not enjoy this kit as much as the first. Considering the weather and the time of year we were given this kit, there was very little we could do with it. It was hard for us to track the Sun and how it keeps us warm with very few warm/sunny days. I think this unit would have been better if we had it to teach later in the year (spring time maybe). Just my opinion but I am still looking forward to other units to come. Thanks!

  • Amy Fitch

    We just completed the Sun and Shade pretest. I have a suggestion for question number 6. I think it would be easier for the students to read the graph if the weather pictures directly under the graph were smaller than the ones they are supposed to circle. The majority of my students wanted to circle the pictures right under the graph. It might even be helpful if you left a bit more space between the graph pictures and the pictures for question 6a. Thanks!
    Amy Fitch, kindergarten teacher, Rose Acres Elementary, Pattonville School District

  • skyler wiseman

    Check out the weather chart/graph Angie from Ferg FLor is using!