MySci Unit 11 – A Home for a Penguin (PREVIEW)


Physical Science:

Properties of Matter, Heating and Cooling

What are the properties of matter?

How can knowing their qualities help us design and test an aritifcal habitat for a penguin (ice cube) to keep it from melting?

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MySci Unit 11 Preview

Suggested grade level: 2nd

29 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Stephanie Latson

    I just want to comment that I am really excited about doing this unit with my 2nd graders!! I think they are going to enjoy it and do very well. MySci is really awesome for those of us who are Scientifically-challenged!!

  • Stacey Robinson

    Thank you skylar for coming today. I am so excited to start our very first mysci unit next week!! I know my students will love the hands on activities!!

  • Heidi Hadler

    We are second grade teachers teaching this unit from you all right now. We are confused on how to set up the “zoo” for our experiment. It says to follow direction sheet for setting up the zoo but we don’t have a direction sheet. What do we use aluminum foil for?

  • Toni Grimes

    I love the activities, but the teachers may need more activities to support matter and the properties of matter.

    • skyler wiseman

      I agree. We will take the feedback from this unit and probably incorporate more matter, like liquid, solid and gases in the next iteration. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Jessica Reese

    How do I keep students from getting hung up on the fact that we are using penguins to introduce the concept of heat and conductors? My class easily goes off on tangents and I foresee them missing making connections about the types of materials and how they absorb, reflect and transfer heat. I believe they will go off about penguins.

    • skyler wiseman

      This is a great question. Using building an artificial habitat for penguins was our way of introducing properties of matter. One way you could address the issue is to relate the ways scientists support engineers. After all, the engineers need to know what temperature penguins need, and what kind of terrain they would be most happy in. Maybe some of the class become penguin scientists and the others become the engineers and they share information. I will be curious to hear how the unit plays out in your class. Please keep in contact.