MySci Unit 16 – How Things Move (PREVIEW)


Physical Science:
Forces and Motion, Interactions and Ramps

How can different forces keep a chain reaction machine moving? Students plan and conduct investigations on pushes, pulls, gravity, and inertia. They also experiment with magnets and electricity.

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MySci Unit 16 Preview

Suggested grade level: 3rd

27 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Victoria Casady

    We have not started this unit. We were trained, and now we are discovering that a key part is missing – the Laws of Motion. Please add the laws to the lessons, so the students will learn these.

    • skyler wiseman

      Dear Victoria,
      You are correct in that the Laws of Motion are not identified as such, even though we cover them. As you can see in the standards section, both the GLE’s and the NGSS, labeling them as such was not mentioned. How ever, the application of the laws are extensive throughout the unit. Interesting point, Victoria, and one we will consider. Thanks, Sky

  • Sarah Graham

    I am grading my pre-assessments. I wish questions 8 and 9 had mentioned that the objects in the diagram were dominoes. I think my students would have understood better had dominoes been mentioned before question 10.
    Thanks for these awesome kits!

    • Sarah Shipley

      I agree! 🙂

  • Sarah Shipley

    We are on Lesson 3 today and I wish that the directions were more clear for each experiment. I am working on the scientific method with my students and it would be nice to have been given a detailed procedure to follow. It’s hard for me to visualize what the experiment should look like and then explain it to my students.

    Also another suggestion for this lesson would be to include a youtube clip of skateboarders at a skate park on ramps. My students we a little confused when I started talking about how they were going to make ramps with the wood and stacked books. As soon as I pulled up a clip of skateboarders the light bulb went on.


  • Nicole Hagedorn

    We are on Section 2, Lesson 5 today and I was reviewing the questions. I was wondering if question 7 and 8 could be revised? Could 7 focus on identifying friction between the figure and the air (air resistance and drag) and 8 focus on how you combated gravity by designing a model to increase the friction?

    Possible revised questions:

    7. In the friction activity, we learned that friction slows down objects as they move. What kind of friction slows down the figure?

    8. How did you design a model to increase friction on your figure?

  • skyler wiseman

    Hey Teachers,
    Check out these exit slips and activity sheets Ms Blackshear-Bryant made for her University City students!