MySci Unit 22 – Using Our Resources Wisely (PREVIEW)


Earth and Space Systems:
Alternative Energy Sources, Natural Resources

How did a community in Denmark become independent of fossil fuel using the resources of their tiny island? By studying the interdependence of the Earth’s systems (geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere), students learn the importance of conserving resources.

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MySci Unit 22 Preview

Suggested Grade Level: 5th Grade

25 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Scott Kratzer

    I would love to have short video clips that demonstrate the set-up for each activity with teacher tips. Oftentimes, actually seeing the setup is more helpful than just the written text (especially for the wind turbine activity).

    • skyler wiseman

      We are trying, and appreciate what teachers can send us. Here is a photo of Lesson 5 set up:

  • Scott Kratzer is a great website with articles about current events in science written at a reading level that students in elementary school can understand. Each article has the geosphere that is the focus written at the top. This could be integrated with building students’ background for Lesson 3 where students research and create posters for each of the systems.

    • skyler wiseman

      Scott, i am really impressed with that website, its so up to date. I can’t wait to delve further as a possible elaboration on some of the lessons. Thanks, Sky

  • Sara Berghoff

    After lesson 2, I had students write an opinion piece of writing. They had to select 1 renewable energy source and support with facts why it is the best form of renewable energy to use. The students really had to understand the renewable energy source in order to presuade their readers. It was like an advertisement becuase they also create a poster of their renewable energy source choice. I teach writing along with science so this was a great extension.

  • Whitney Ryan

    This is a site to the Water Cycle Poster with interactive links for vocabulary.

  • Scott Kratzer

    A short overview video of the 4 spheres can be found at

  • Scott Kratzer

    A modification that can be made to the elaborate activity for lesson 3 is to read the scenarios to students and have them create a quick sketch of it on a marker board to visualize what is occurring. Students can then discuss what spheres they represented and give the specific detail from the scenario that relates to that sphere.

  • Sara Berghoff

    I created this chart to use for lesson 7- How much water do you use?

  • Sara Berghoff

    Since I am also the writing teacher, I created a newspaper project as culminating science/writing assessment.

  • Lisa McPherson

    My students really enjoyed the sphere interactions activity. I had access to 2 sets of cards so I had 2 groups set up at the same time. The groups were still large. Some teachers may want to break the class into smaller groups. Next year I plan to make another set of cards to use. Having a page to copy as part of the materials in the kit would be helpful.