MySci Unit 24 – What’s Consistent About Matter? (PREVIEW)


Physical Science:
Properties of Matter, Mixtures and Solutions, Physical and Chemical Reactions

What is matter? What is the relationship between mixtures and solutions? By designing and conducting experiments on different kinds ofmatter, the students examine their conception of matter.

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MySci Unit 24 Preview

Suggested Grade Level: 5th Grade

30 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Chris Ries

    I taught lesson six to a school the other day. I wanted to provide just a little feed back. The lesson was great! However, would it be possible to add an answer key for the mixture and solutions examples. Another idea would be to add a venn diagram or some other type of comparison matrix to assist with writing a compare and contrast paragraph.

    • skyler wiseman

      We will work on an answer key. Thanks, Sky

  • Chris Ries

    I taught lesson one to a school a few weeks ago. This lesson is great! However, it is really a two day lesson. The matter cards take one class period to complete and the oobleck takes one class period to complete.

  • Chris Ries

    I taught lesson three a few weeks ago. If I would teach this lesson again, I would have not had 6 stations. I would have divided my students into groups and had each group separate the same mixtures in their groups at the same time. This would have helped me with time management. It would also be nice to have suggestions of the best way you can separate these items.

    • skyler wiseman

      Did I give you the data sheets the student safe to use with the stations? Hopefully there could be some discussion on best methods of separating the mixtures. Its always helpful to get time management feedback on the units. Thanks, Sky

      • Chris Ries

        No, I did not get the data sheets to use with the stations.

        • skyler wiseman

          I will get them to you, by email.

  • Chris Ries

    I also heard a lot of feedback about lesson 5. Lesson 5 calls for spring scales. Many teachers could not locate the spring scales. The kit included one spring scale in bag 5 in a box named an acrylic tubular dynamometer (which was confusing). The teachers would like more than one spring scale in their kit. Thanks!

  • Erin Cramer

    I posted here last week and I am not seeing my post. Weird! However, felt compelled to post today because I am really loving the kit. It makes doing the experiments so easy since everything is already sorted for me. Thanks!