MySci Unit 03 – Make It Go! (PREVIEW)


Physical Science:

Push and Pulls, Introduction to Forces and Motion

What forces do we use with toys? Students explore the effects of pushes and pulls on different objects in order to design their own galimoto, a common toy from Malawai, Africa.

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MySci Unit 03 Preview

Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten

18 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Kristin Gosa

    On lesson 1 in this unit, i felt the book Galimoto was a little hard for the students to understand, so we explored the Reading Rainbow video of the galimoto. When we watched the video my students started to understand how the wire can be used to make the Galimoto. Definitley show the Reading Rainbow video.

    • skyler wiseman

      I am glad to hear the Reading Rainbow video worked for your class. other Kindergarten teachers, any strategies or ideas for reading the book with your class?

  • Millicent Coleman

    We found a really age appropriate video for Kdg on Discovery Education to introduce the unit. Force and Motion: Investigate Why Objects Move. It’s about 15 minutes long from start to finish (credits). The kids had great discussion on pushing, pulling and the force behind why objects move. I just wanted to share this video. We felt the one from youtube highlighted in the MySci lesson was over our kiddos heads.

    • skyler wiseman

      Since I don’t belong to Discovery Ed, (I know a lot of schools do, which is great!), I was not able to see the video, but there were lesson plans and vocabulary that could supplement the unit. Thanks for the helpful hint. Sky

  • gbarajas

    Here are a few photos given to the Institute for School Partnership by an area educator from her trip to Africa. These are some examples of Galimotos in action!