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ISP person you should know: Diane Pilla

Diane Pilla, ISP Resource Center Coordinator.
Diane Pilla, ISP Resource Center Coordinator.

Entering a new school year, we would like our audience to get to know a little more about our staff and how we best support those around us! This week, we are featuring Diane Pilla, ISP Resource Center Coordinator.

Job Description: Diane provides overall administrative support for MySci, coordinates community events with the MySci Investigation Station and also trains, hosts and schedules ambassadors for these events. She also assists with kit material orders and the kit production in the warehouse.

Years Lived in St. Louis: I have lived in St. Louis my entire life.

Favorite thing about my job: My job comes with a lot of variety, whether it is working on the computer, building science kits, or working with students/families on the MySci Investigation Station. My favorite part of all is interacting with the kids. It is great seeing their excitement when I bring out the hissing cockroach or the giant tropical millipede. The MySci Investigation Station helps spark student’s curiosity and I get to be a part of this. What more could I ask for?

Why I’m passionate about ISP: It’s a great feeling to spread the love of science. Ultimately, our work is being carried out in the classroom with the teachers and students and we get to help them experience the best science curriculum around!

Favorite volunteer/community activity or hobby: My favorite volunteer activity was during Christmas last year. The day after Christmas, my youngest daughter and I went on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico to build homes for the homeless. This was certainly an eye opening experience that I am so happy I was able to do with her. Special memories were certainly made. These people lived in an actual dump (I am serious) and our group alone built three small homes for families. Pretty amazing that a combination of people that didn’t even know each other prior to this could work together to: build, paint, decorate, and just spread some hope to families in great need. I did a lot of painting and then was blessed to just spend time with the children in the area. Even though we didn’t speak the same language our interactions came with lots of hugs, smiles, and hand squeezing! We learned to communicate without words. We played ball, took walks, and worked on several craft projects. I only spent four days with these children, but they are forever in my heart. We all had tears when we had to say goodbye. I just hope we changed their lives as much as they changed mine. Hobbies – walking with friends, gardening, going to movies, hanging with family, eating out, watching my kids play their sports, going to country concerts, Las Vegas, Nashville and just traveling.

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden is by far my favorite. We are regulars there about every weekend!

Family: Husband – Jack – been married 30 years this October. We met in grade school! He is a carpenter and a jack-of-all trades. We are going on a vacation for our anniversary on September 9th and the destination is going to be a total surprise. Our daughter Nikki planned it for us and it is so fun not to know our destination! I can’t wait to go and find out! Yes, they are going with us!

Daughter – Nikki, 27 years old. She just got married two years ago in October to Ryan Ramshaw, a graphic artist. She is a nurse at Mercy in the GI lab and loves it! No grandkids yet, but I do have two grand dogs!
Daughter – Katie, 18 years old. I just brought Katie to Missouri Baptist University to start studying for nursing. She is also going to be playing lacrosse for them. Can’t wait to go see the games!
Miley is my 7 pound little rescue dog whom I adore.

Most people don’t know that I: Love to go four wheeling and get dirty! It is incredibly exciting at this old age!

If my coworkers could describe me in one word: Sparkly, maybe??!! We should ask them!

Sept 2016 | By, Alisiana Peters

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