mySci Do

mySci Do equips K-8 teachers with instructional materials and professional development opportunities in technology, engineering and math. The program supports teachers with innovative project-based lessons that supplement the Institute for School Partnership’s mySci K-8 science program.

The mySci Do program supports teachers with innovative lesson plans that promote hands-on student learning and cutting-edge methods for the teaching of technology, engineering and math. mySci Do curricula engage students in learning through making, computing and designing using tangible materials such as robotics and electric circuits.

How do I adopt mySci Do?

Interested in adopting the mySci Do program for your district? Contact us at

What makes mySci Do different?

mySci Do kits introduce technical concepts with real world applications through playful projects. Our commitment to make this learning broadly accessible to all students means each kit comes with teacher training and is equipped with loaner items including all materials tools and devices such as Chromebooks and tablets.

The program offers several curriculum options. The makerspace strand provides teachers with lendable kits, in which they receive upcycled materials and a curriculum developed around the design thinking process. There are three curricula available: Cardboard Challenge, Invention Challenge and Novel Engineering.  CREST-M is a curriculum developed by Maryville University that integrates LEGO robotics in math units. Classes participating in CREST-M receive chrome books, LEGO WeDo robotics sets and curriculum and resources. Currently, CREST-M units are available for the following topics: measurements and fractions.

mySci Do is a collaboration of Little Bit Foundation, Disruption Department Maryville University and the Institute for School Partnership, and is supported by the Monsanto Fund.

Several schools in the St. Louis Public School District are piloting a new STEM curriculum and teacher training program called mySci Do.

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