SciZoom has been suspended until Fall 2022 – See you then!

Teachers, invite WashU faculty into your classrooms!

SciZoom provides opportunities for K-12 students in our region to get up close and personal with Washington University faculty to learn about the latest scientific research and innovation.

Students are able to ask questions during these virtual events. SciZoom events are 30-45 minutes in length. There is no cost.

View past SciZoom recordings

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications

William Yeoh, associate professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering, discusses his current research interests in artificial intelligence.

December 2021

Appropriate for grades 6-12

Telling Stories with Rocks

Kärt Paiste, Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences on what rock types tell us about environmental change and the evolution of life.

November 2021

Appropriate for grades 6-12

Behavioral Genetics: What makes me behave the way I do?

Yehuda Ben-Shahar, professor of biology, shares his research and how he studies honey bees and fruit flies.

October 2021

Appropriate for grades 6-12

From Plants to Plastic: BioProducts Engineering

Marcus Foston, Associate Professor Department of Energy, Environment & Chemical Engineering, discusses the production of renewable materials and polymers from trees and plants.

May 2021

Appropriate for grades 6-12

Climate Superheroes

Cassie Hage, Assistant Director of the Office of Sustainability, takes us on a virtual tour to see some of the interesting engineering design solutions WashU has used to fight climate change and protect the environment.

April 2021

Appropriate for grades 3-8

Brain vs. Brawn: How birds deal with changing environments

Carlos Botero, Assistant Professor of Biology, on how the evolution of intelligence in birds and the evolution of human culture were related to past changes in Earth’s climate.

March 2021

Appropriate for grades 3-8

Capturing CO2 to Help Save the Planet

Sophia Hayes, Professor of Chemistry, discusses research and innovation around capturing CO2 to reduce its impact on Earth’s environment.

January 2021

Appropriate for grades 3-8