STEMpact’s formula for success is simple and unique. We’ve identified teachers as the critical link that can increase the amount of STEM education our students are exposed to.

Deborah Holmes – STEMpact Project Manager/Facilitator

The program fosters a strong mindset for STEM integration. Teachers learn to STEMitize their curriculum; to see STEM is everywhere, and to see themselves as STEM-capable teachers and their students as STEM-capable learners. The program includes field trips to area employers where teachers experience STEM to career connections that they can pass on to students. Also included are field activities that allow teachers to experience first-hand how STEM can be threaded throughout all subjects and activities.

Access STEM TQ 2021-2022 Materials and Resources, HERE

Students whose teachers participated in STEM TQ perform better on standardized math and science tests than those students who learn in non-STEM TQ classrooms.

STEMpact is an organization facilitated by the Institute for School Partnership in collaboration with St. Louis’ leading employers, foundations and individuals.

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