STEMpact District Immersion was established as a response to educators’ expressed need for instructional support at the classroom level. It is a deep and systematic approach to providing that support.

Participants include district office leadership, leader teachers, instructional leaders, and coaches and/or principals. Monthly planning meetings are designed to set objectives, establish professional learning schedules and assess benchmarks.
This program its based on the research that outlines the design elements of the most effective professional learning programs to impact student achievement.

  • Job-embedded professional development
  • Coaching in the classroom
  • Collaborative learning with fellow teachers and administrators
  • Assessments aligned with curriculum and instruction

STEMpact District Immersion is offered in three areas: Mathematics, Science and Computer Science.

STEMpact is an organization facilitated by the Institute for School Partnership in collaboration with St. Louis’ leading employers, foundations and individuals.

Questions? Email or call 314-359-0377.