STEMpact Integration Quality

The STEMpact Integration Quality program is designed to enable school districts to see the knowledge gained by teachers who participated in STEM TQ to share that experience throughout their schools/districts. STEM IQ is a broad approach to integrating STEM beyond a single classroom in a meaningful and sustainable manner, leveraging the investment of STEM TQ teachers to create a larger community of STEM educators.

They are STEM disciples. They are exposing STEM concepts to others in their buildings and across the districts.

Barbara Pener
STEMpact Project Coordinator

This three-year matching grant program allows participants to implement STEM programs unique to their classroom, building, and/or district needs.

Examples of STEM IQ projects include:

  • Curriculum development of STEM project-based learning
  • Creation of district level professional development/leadership programs
  • Three-year STEM certification program
  • Collaborative grade level projects focus don integrating technology in the classroom
  • Establishment of STEM Night as an annual community event

STEMpact is an organization facilitated by the Institute for School Partnership in collaboration with St. Louis’ leading employers, foundations and individuals.

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