This annual series of workshops offer a continuum of professional development around STEM. They are open to individuals or teams, and are directed toward district administrators and school leaders who are interested in bringing a strong STEM mind and intention to school and classroom practices.

The workshops provide guidance and resources to support STEM integration efforts throughout districts, as well as STEMitizing school activities and classroom subjects beyond math and science. There is no cost to attend these workshops. The series is presented in partnership with the Missouri Math and Science Coalition.

Topics of the leadership sessions include:

  • STEM Best Practices and Resources
  • Technology Integration
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Engineering and Design Thinking
  • Problem Solving in Math and Science
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

STEMpact is an organization facilitated by the Institute for School Partnership in collaboration with St. Louis’ leading employers, foundations and individuals.

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Workshop participants were tasked with creating written instructions for their fellow educators to follow in order to replicate the build of a completed LEGO model.

Coding in the classroom

“Computer science should be for all schools and for all students. Not just honors students,” says the ISP’s Jaime Gilligan – featured speaker at a STEMpact Leadership Series workshop on computer science integration in schools.