Jeanne Norris

mySci Co-Lead

Delivering high quality K-8 science curriculum that meets the needs of all students and teachers in our region is the promise of mySci curriculum. Jeanne Norris is helping deliver on this promise as a curriculum writer. In her role at the ISP, she researches best practices in both NGSS and the science of teaching and learning in order to craft curriculum that removes barriers to teaching K-8 science and develops students who are scientifically literate problem-solvers.  Most of all, Jeanne’s vision is that every K-8 student in the region gets a chance at daily science education that inspires curiosity and the joy of ‘figuring it out’.

In addition to leading the mySci curriculum editing process, Jeanne also coordinates and facilitates professional development for teachers across the region. She has presented on topics such as 3D Learning in NGSS, Phenomena in NGSS, and Productive Discussion in Science. She has also coached teachers in PLCs. Jeanne was selected to serve on the Achieve Science Peer Review Panel, a national group of experts who screen curriculum to find high quality examples of NGSS design. Two mySci units have been selected as exemplars, including a 5th grade life science unit that has earned the NGSS Design Badge, the highest honor the panel can award.

Jeanne is a graduate of the University of Missouri–St. Louis and Washington University-St. Louis.  She holds a degree in Secondary Education and a master’s in Biology. Before joining the ISP, Jeanne taught high school science in the St. Louis Public Schools.