Rachel Ruggirello

Rachel Ruggirello

Associate Director

The Institute for School Partnership is the translational arm of Washington University that seeks to take what we know as best practices in teaching and learning and implement these practices in our regional schools, particularly those with the most underserved students. Rachel Ruggirello leads teams of instructional leaders in the organization to realize this goal. In her role as Associate Director, she provides strategic direction for the programs of the ISP and oversees the curriculum and professional development initiatives of the organization.

In her role at the ISP, Rachel focuses on building partnerships with schools and districts in order to transform STEM education in the region. In this work, she emphasizes design and research focused on issues of broader implementation of best practices in STEM teaching and learning. Rachel leads educators in the process of improvement science and provides training and implementation support. Using this disciplined approach, she supports teachers, leaders, and researchers in collaborating to solve specific problems of practice. Her research is focused on teacher leadership, educative curriculum, and the teaching and learning of science in K-8 schools. In addition, Rachel teaches certification and graduate level courses in science education.   

Rachel holds a B.S. in biology and sociology from Cornell University,  an M.S. in chemistry education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in science and mathematics education from Curtin University. Before joining the ISP, Rachel taught high school biology, chemistry, and AP psychology in Camden, NJ.

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