Tori Engel

Instructional Specialist

The Next Generation of Science Standards encourage educators to not only develop students who have a strong foundation in science content, but also develop the scientific and engineering skills needed for science literacy. Tori is passionate about increasing the science literacy of all students through lessons that reveal the interdisciplinary nature of science. During a Research Experience for Teachers at the University of Illinois, she worked to integrate microcontrollers into middle school physical science classroom. This research emphasized that computer science is an integral tool for the scientific and engineering communities. 

Tori has continued to create interdisciplinary lessons since she joined the Institute for School Partnership (ISP) in 2017. She assists in the development of high-quality STEM curricula, including mySci and mySci Do, and professional development for various ISP programs. Tori holds a B.S. in biology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and an M.E. in Learning Design and Leadership (Technology Specialist) at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Along with her work at the ISP, Tori is the Science Olympiad coach at Fulton Junior High School. Prior to joining ISP, she was a middle and high school physical science and biology teacher.