Tyrone J McNichols

Instructional Specialist

Tyrone McNichols works with the ISP’s Transformational Leadership Initiative (TLI) as a leadership coach. His focus also includes place-based curriculum work at CPN schools in SLPS.

My parents instilled in me at an early age the values of social justice, hard work, commitment, discipline, and the importance of education.  Building on these principles, I have attempted to create learning environments similar to the opportunities afforded to me by my parents, which nurtured quality learning experiences enhanced by a multiplicity of activities, knowledge, and strategies.  I believe that learning communities should pursue valued choices for students and learners to work collaboratively with diverse individuals that see the world from different perspectives.  

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to be educated in many kinds of schools.  My formal educational journey began in the St. Louis Public School system.  I was registered in this system from kindergarten through second grade.  From 3rd grade through 12th grade, I attended multiple schools in the catholic archdiocese school system.  After completing high school at Christian Brothers College (CBC) High School, I attended the University of Central Missouri (UCM) in Warrensburg.  

In 1988, I graduated from UCM, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, emphasizing Language Arts and Mathematics.  Upon commencement, I enrolled in an Education Administration program at the University of Missouri–St. Louis.  I received a Master’s in education administration in 1991.  Pursuing a doctoral degree, I decided to continue with the University of Missouri, St. Louis’ program, where I earned an advanced certification in administration and, ultimately, an Educational Doctoral Degree with an emphasis on Education Administration in 1999.  My Dissertation title was Constructivism Deconstructed: from Kant to Lyotard the Process and Criteria for Judgment.

I have been a practitioner in teaching and learning for over 30 years.  I have served as a teacher assistant, an elementary and middle school teacher, middle school assistant principal, elementary school principal, assistant superintendent, superintendent, adjunct professor, and university instructor.  These varied experiences in different learning communities have broadened the breadth of knowledge and approaches I can employ with teaching and learning.  This journey has yielded increased student achievement, effective program development, and quality support for students, families, teachers, support staff, and administrators.  

Professionally, my scholarly devotion is rooted in social justice within organizational systems to enhance growth and development for professional learning communities.  As an administrator and university instructor, I can relate to the challenges educators face with 21st-century schooling.  I believe the successful navigation of the 21st century will require a deeper understanding and appreciation of social systems, human resources, and students from diverse learning environments.  In other words, the agenda for developing quality teaching and learning must be fluid,  human-centered, and socially conscious. 

Personally, my wife and I have been married since 1994, and we have four lovely children–three daughters and a son.  I hope that our family will have access to all the incredible opportunities I have been fortunate to experience.