ISP Teacher Fellows

The Institute for School Partnership actively supports teachers in leadership efforts and professional growth while they continue their careers in the classroom. Teachers who have the means to collaborate and reflect on challenges can assist each other in finding solutions. ISP provides a forum for this work.

ISP teacher fellows work collaboratively to develop leadership initiatives through professional organizations and with other local school districts.


Our St. Louis-based teacher fellows are particularly interested in addressing the low rates of retention for science teachers early in their careers. To this end:

  • they have held a community screening and discussion of the documentary film American Teacher.
  • they have organized informal gatherings of early career science teachers to facilitate networking and support.
  • some teacher fellows have voluntarily facilitated professional development for other science teachers in the area.

The ISP teacher fellows are supported by the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.

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“Since my involvement with the Institute for School Partnership, I have received teaching awards at the local and state level, earned National Board Certification and created innovative programs that I feel have made a positive impact upon so many others. All of this was made possible through the support and guidance of individuals at Washington University. They are truly wonderful, passionate people who cared about a teacher in a small district, with perhaps an unremarkable beginning, but a future that would make some positive impact on others. They gave me the opportunity to fulfill my potential and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Travis Plume
2011 graduate MS in Biology for Science Teachers, Noyce Teacher Fellow
Jefferson City High School, Missouri