MySci – inspiring the next generation of scientists


MySci equips elementary school teachers with instructional materials and professional development opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in order to help instill a love of science in students.

MySci is a cornerstone program for the Washington University Institute for School Partnership and is supported by the Monsanto Fund.

Students experience hands on learning in the MySci Investigation Station.Discover MySci instructional materials

The MySci program supports teachers with innovative lesson plans that promote hands-on student learning and cutting-edge methods for the teaching of science.

Meet MySci Teachers as Leaders

MySci teachers are leading in the St. Louis and educational communities. Meet the MySci Ambassadors and the array of exceptional educators showing their leadership through development of new MySci units.

Uncover MySci’s Mission and History

MySci’s mission is to empower teachers to cultivate curiosity-driven education. Throughout the history of the program, MySci has engaged K-8 students in STEM and equipped teachers with interactive, experiential learning modules and ongoing support.

Visit The MySci Resource Center

The MySci Resource Center provides teaching space for Institute for School Partnership workshops and access to high quality STEM materials and kits for local teachers, schools and districts.

By the Numbers


In the Academic Year 2017-18, MySci plans to

  • provide over 9,000 instructional materials kits, serving ~60,000 students,
  • provide professional development and coaching to ~2,000 elementary and middle school teachers, and
  • host special events with the MySci Investigation Station, reaching ~9,000 visitors.

Monsanto Fund

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ISP Resource Center Project Coordinator
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