MySci – inspiring the next generation of scientists

Mission and History

MySci is a cornerstone program for the Washington University Institute for School Partnership.

Monsanto FundMySci was launched in 2005 by Washington University in St. Louis with generous funding from the Monsanto Fund.

MySci’s mission is to cultivate the region’s next generation of scientists by engaging elementary and middle school students in STEM through interactive learning experiences and creative curriculum. MySci also equips teachers with a variety of professional development opportunities.

The MySci program has a history of collaborative partnerships with community organizations directly involved in science education in the St. Louis area. The Missouri Botanical Garden, the Saint Louis Zoo and the Saint Louis Science Center all worked with Washington University in development of the original MySci units on plants, animals and earth for grades K-2. Educators from these organizations as well as STEM faculty from Washington University in St. Louis were part of the development teams for the Next Generation Science Standards-aligned instructional materials that span grades K-8. The MySci Investigation is often featured at these prominent St. Louis institutions in addition to other school and public events. MySci is currently piloting a new program, MySciDo, focused on developing curriculum and offering professional development and other resources on MakerSpace, robotics, and engineering.

The MySci program includes the following key components:

  • MySci K-5
  • MySci 6-8
  • MySci Investigation Station
  • MySciDo

For more information about MySci please contact us!

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