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In pursuit of excellence on behalf of their students, families and careers, 23 teachers were awarded advanced certificates and degrees at the University College graduation on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at Washington University.

The graduates participated in one of two programs created by the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University: the Master of Science in Biology and the Advanced Certificate in Science Education. Paul Markovits, science educator for the Institute for School Partnership, said that he was amazed at how the graduates took the science content they were learning and translated it directly into their classrooms. “I am thankful to have been able to work with this group of creative and enthusiastic educators,” Markovits said. “They’re excitement for teaching was contagious.” The graduates have been on a two-year academic journey that culminated in this week’s graduation ceremony.

Science Education Certificate Recipients:

  • Mary Abegg
  • Ranona Bowers
  • Amanda Davison
  • LaKisha Fouche
  • Christina Hardie
  • Rebecca Hibbits
  • Renee Jenner
  • Stephanie Knight
  • Tisha Lee
  • Jane McPartland
  • Lisa McPherson
  • Susan Rocco
  • Kristy Santinanavant
  • Stacy Shipman
  • Melanie Turnage
  • Amy Williams

Master of Science in Biology Recipients:

  • Kathryn Kooiker Davis
  • Linda Marianne Dubis
  • Heather Inez Meler
  • Hannah S. Niehoff
  • Jeanne Marie Norris
  • Timothy Duane Reedy
  • Amy Maxine Welch

May 2015   |   by, Gennafer Barajas

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