Hazelwood School District

The Institute for School Partnership and the Hazelwood School District

The Hazelwood School District’s partnership with Washington University in St. Louis is unique, especially concerning matters of district scope, the logistics involved in pushing out curriculum development across such a large area, the amount of teachers and training, and budgetary constraints for supplies.

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Learn more about the impact of the partnership and positive changes in standardized test scores in a story by Leslie Gibson McCarthy in the WUSTL Newsroom. Read a related story by Jessica Bock that made the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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“We have improved at a higher rate in science compared to other schools in the state, and I believe it is a direct result of our relationship with Washington University and the support they have given us,” says Grayling Tobias, EdD, Hazelwood School District superintendent.




Hear from Hazelwood teachers about how the partnership with Washington University has worked for them.

5th grade science teacher
Jamestown Elementary School



5th grade science teacher
Russell Elementary School



“One of the biggest things I’ve noticed from the partnership is working with teachers and seeing that they are no longer afraid to take a risk in scientific inquiry. They are stepping out of the box, and they’re having success with it.”

Karen Lewis, instructional specialist
Jury Elementary School

“We went from forcing the science on them to letting them discover the science. I think the most exciting thing is that they’re excited. They investigate, they question, they explore. The hope is that as a science teacher in the fourth grade, I am building lifelong scientists.”

Dawn Probst, 4th grade teacher
Brown Elementary School