In this unit you will figure out the science behind some popular St. Louis attractions. Discover more about the Gateway Arch, the city’s Riverfront, Busch Stadium, and City Museum using the lessons below. This unit was adapted from mySci Unit 25: Science in St. Louis. For additional teacher resources or access to the original unit, contact us at

ISP Instructional Specialists Tori Engel explains how to explore the Science in St. Louis unit in this overview video.

Gateway Arch And Riverfront

Visit the Gateway Arch and Riverfront to explore how St. Louis weather, climate, and topography have impacted both the design of the Arch and the ecosystems around the Mississippi Riverfront.

Design of the Gateway Arch

Miss. River Path Over Time

Animals on the Miss. Riverfront

Busch Stadium

Visit Busch Stadium and think about a homerun from both the perspective of the batter and the baseball fans to explore ideas about energy, force, and information processing.

Force and Motion of a Baseball

Action/Reaction Amid Homerun

City Museum

Visit the City Museum to investigate life science and physical science concepts as you consider the specimens in the natural history room, the slides and the pinball machines in Beatnik Bob’s arcade room.

Animal Traits and Survival

Energy Transfer in Toys

Friction on the Playground

Additional Teacher Resources

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