Science Teacher Leadership

Science teachers spend July becoming master teachers

Heather Meler (Odessa High School, Odessa, MO) spends time in the lab working on her algae balls project for Bio 579 Laboratory Investigations with Model Organisms. Heather is one of 22 science teachers who spent part of their summer vacation working towards a unique WUSTL graduate degree.

For three intensive weeks in July, teachers from across the country worked toward their Master of Science in Biology degrees with courses taught by WUSTL faculty and research scientists. The two-year graduate program is designed to fit the schedules of working teachers. It consists of two three-week summer institutes in residence at Washington University, and the remaining coursework is completed through distance learning over two academic years. The hybrid program was originally developed as a National Science Foundation teacher institute and continues on as a signature program of the Institute for School Partnership.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Biology for Science Teachers program, graduates who have gone on to become ISP Teacher Fellows, and the ISP Leadership Conference last summer.

Kathryn Davis (left, Hood River School District, Hood River, OR) and Rachel Gordon (center, Pope John Paul II High School, Hendersonville, TN) take notes while Professor Sarah Elgin (right) provides additional data to help the teachers understand the complexity of molecular genetics.
Nhan Pham (St. Louis University High School, St. Louis, MO) listens closely to a lecture.
Jeanette Bosomworth (left, Eureka High School, Eureka, MO) and Jennifer Jurgensmeyer (right, Republic High School, Republic, MO) work on a computer lab exercise in Bio 5924 Molecular Basis of Heredity during their second and final summer in the graduate program.