Survival Instinct

Explore how plants and animals respond to their surroundings.


Video and Readings:

Videos: Home Sweet Habitat | You At The Zoo – Plant Adaptations | What is Taxonomy?| Animal Classes DVD | Manakin Bird Moonwalking | Venus Flytrap Plant ClosingSeedlings Moving | Eyes
Readings: Adaptations Reading | External Structures ReadingCK-12 4th Grade Life Science Texts | Wonderopolis Bird Migration | Tree of Life or Desert Giant, by Barbara Bash

Questions to Ask:

  • How does this part of the (plant or animal) help it survive or grow? (Example: A cat has claws that help it catch prey and defend itself.)
  • How do our different body parts work together to help us do things? (Example: When I brush my teeth, my muscular system works together with my bones to grip the toothbrush and move it around.)
  • Have you ever been scared of something? What body parts or senses did you use to respond? Why did you respond that way? (Example: I saw a spider in the house. I used my voice to scream. I used muscles and bones to run away from it. I responded that way because I thought the spider was going to bite me.)

Vocabulary Flashcard Practice

Summary Activity:

Design the perfect zoo habitat for an animal. Draw the different components of the habitat, and label why they are good for that animal. You can also research actual zoo habitats and animal care.