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Top 7 Earth Day Resources

With Earth Day just around the corner, here are the top resources to engage your students in important topics around conservation.

1. MySci Unit 22: Using Our Resources Wisely
Suggested grade level: 5
This is a great way to introduce students in renewable
resources and engage them in conservation activities.
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2. Parc Alternative Energy Kits
Suggested grade level: 6-8
Learn about the sun and investigate on how its energy
is captured and transferred into usable forms of energy.
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3. PBS Learning
Suggested grade level: K-5
This lesson teaches about the concepts of recycling,
composting and caring for the Earth’s resources.
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4. National Geographic: Introduction to Earth Day
Suggested grade level: 3-5
Students explore environment issues that affect their
lives and brainstorm ways to make every day Earth Day.
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5. National Education Association: Earth Day Curriculum
Suggested grade level: Prek-5
A compilation of lessons, projects, activities and games for
teaching young learners about conservation, energy and more.
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6. Read Write Think: How does my garden grow?
Suggested grade level: K-2
Students will create a scientific field journal about
gardening, a great integration of science and english.
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7. Earth Day on Pinterest
Suggested grade level: K-5
A curated Pinterest board of Earth Day fun, including
math, science and writing activities and crafts.
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