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New partnership empowers principals to ‘dream big’

The principals at seven local schools are poised to achieve big goals after participating in the SLPS Principal Redesign Fellowship, a bold new partnership between St. Louis Public Schools and Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership

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Fixing the classroom: Welcoming all students into STEM

In a new policy piece, biology faculty advocate for new classroom approaches to fix the national exodus of students from STEM fields.

All across the United States, half of the college students who plan to major in STEM switch fields. And Black and Latinx students leave STEM at a higher rate than their white peers.

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Challenging narratives

Moving beyond mere survival toward something better: thriving

In the education sector, we’re asked to accept a post-pandemic narrative that places blame for any and all challenges that schools face squarely on the shoulders of the pandemic.

. . . anyone with boots on the ground in schools – will confirm that as painful as it was, Covid-19 merely laid bare inequities that have long existed.

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Results and Impact

The ISP is uniquely positioned to be the bridge between research and practice. We translate the latest research into classroom best practices and, with our partners, engage in research around problems of practice. Learn about the scope of this work and our impact by browsing reports, resources and publications featured on our

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As a member of the Washington University community it is our responsibility to address our regional challenges. We know that strong schools equal strong communities. We know students and teachers thrive when they have opportunities, resources, and support. We know our vision of educational equity is attainable.

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