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Connecting, Inspiring & Empowering to Advance K-12 Education

The Institute for School Partnership is Washington University in St. Louis’ signature effort to strategically improve teaching and learning within the K-12 education community. Through ISP, local schools are connected with a world-class research university, teachers are inspired with new knowledge, and teachers and students are empowered with the best resources.

The goal of the Institute for School Partnership is to design and model strategic partnerships between K-12 and higher education that are focused on improving students’ development and success.

To reach this goal, ISP will focus on the following commitments:


  • Serve as the campus-wide nexus for student and faculty activity in K-12 schools, coordinating contributions from the WUSTL community with urban schools in the region
  • Establish intensive, sustained site-based partnerships with select St. Louis schools to create centers of excellence in urban education


  • Promote evidence-based educational practice with K-12 teachers, leaders, policymakers and the public, resulting in conversation and collaboration around school improvement for the St. Louis region
  • Enhance school leadership through sustained professional learning for teachers and school administrators


  • Offer materials and curricula enabling teachers to carry out engaging investigations and effective lessons
  • Provide career exploration opportunities for pre-college students

With this initiative, the university is continuing its long history of helping boost STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education in local schools. For more than 20 years, the university has worked with schools in underserved communities through Science Outreach.

Now, the Institute for School Partnership is branching out from Science Outreach’s mission. ISP strives to capture the synergies from all of the academic areas within Washington University to enhance K-12 development and success.

“Washington University is home to many talented students, faculty and staff. If we can match their interests with the needs of local schools, we can contribute to strengthening the future of our region, our country and the world.”
— Chancellor Mark Wrighton

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