Provides advantage for K-12 students in our region to connect with Washington University faculty.

Faculty Engagement

Provide faculty and staff the opportunity to connect their passion and expertise to St. Louis area K-12 schools.


Innovative professional development program to improve math instruction and boost student enthusiasm and scores.

mySci K-5

Integrated and inquiry-based curriculum that is arranged by grade level and core science area. Units use 5E Learning Cycle.

mySci 6-8

Designed to engage students in authentic science learning centered around relevant and rigorous driving question.

mySci Do

Equips K-8 teachers with instructional materials and professional development opportunities in technology, engineering and math.

STEM Teacher Quality

Teacher training program that focuses on “STEMitizing” everyday teaching methods.

STEMpact Leadership Series

Educator workshop series designed to reinforce STEM mindset and classroom practices.

STEMpact District Immersion

Deep and systematic approach for instructional support at the classroom level.

STEMpact Integration Quality

Matching grant program that allows participants to implement STEM programs unique to their classrooms, buildings, districts. Regional Partner

We are a designated provider of professional learning programs in Eastern Missouri and metro St. Louis.

Transformational Leadership Initiative

Builds capacity of educators to transform their organization with new approaches to leadership and deeper learning experiences.

Master of Science in Biology

Empowers working teachers to earn a master’s degree in biology in two years.

Modern Genetics

Hands-on curriculum that provides educators with the tools they need to teach genetics in their classroom.

Hot Topics Series

One-day workshops or lectures empowering science teachers to inspire middle and high school students