The mission of the Institute for School Partnership’s Math314 program is to improve mathematics teaching and learning in our region by designing programs that develop educators who foster equitable learning environments. Math314 supports teachers in becoming learners and leaders who encourage inquiry, risk-taking, and conceptual understanding by experiencing mathematics in rich and meaningful ways.

Our Shared Vision

We believe:

  • Rigorous math instruction is accessible by everyone
  • Growth mindset has a positive impact in math classrooms
  • Inquiry should drive the learning of new content in the math classroom
  • Math classrooms should be places where risk-taking and mistakes are valued
  • Visual representations are key to conceptual understanding of math ideas
  • Educators can pursue, with equal intensity, conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application to help students gain strong foundations needed to solve problems inside and outside the classroom
  • Quality mathematical discourse is necessary
  • Students need a strong mathematics background to be successful in STEM fields
  • Teachers can support STEM and high-quality math instruction by ensuring the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) 8 Mathematical Practices, as well as the NCTM 8 Principles to Action, are occurring in their classrooms

Our Strategy

Our shared vision is the lens we use to design professional development opportunities and instructional materials. We strive to ground our work in these principles and infuse sessions with authentic examples of how each one plays out in a mathematics classroom.

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The ISP has taken important steps to raise math standards in area schools by hiring two math instructional specialists; Denise Gregory and Jeff Kennedy.

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