MySci Unit 21 – From Sun to Food (PREVIEW)


Life Science:
Photosynthesis, Respiration and Ecosystems

How do energy and matter flow through an ecosystem? Using their favorite meal as an example, students trace the energy from food back to the sun. They also use models to explore photosynthesis and the role of decomposers, producers and consumers of ecosystems.

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MySci Unit 21 Preview

Suggested Grade Level: 5th Grade

33 pages
2017-2018 edition

Developed with primary support from the Monsanto Fund.

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  • Chris Ries

    Section 1, lesson two has a worksheet in appendix to go along with the lesson. The bottom of the worksheet has an exit ticket that is divided into consumers and producers. This sheet only shows one producer on it, but gives the students four spaces to write on. That is confusing for a student. Also, decomposers are shown on this picture. Could you add a column for decomposers and add that into this lesson or remove those. I plan on teaching this lesson today and I cut off the exit ticket when I copied this, so that I would not create misconceptions.

  • skyler wiseman

    So I know we suffered the Cubbies beating us…but Ms Overy’s (Bridgeway) use of the decorated pumpkin as an example of decomposition (with out soil), really made the best out of a bad situation! You could see the mold and the fruit flies aiding.