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mySci Investigation Station takes annual trip to Missouri State Fair

“For three years the weather has been splendid for us when we are at the Missouri State Fair,” says Diane Pilla, MySci project coordinator for the Institute for School Partnership.

The MySci Investigation Station was part of the Science Street Fair exhibition Aug. 10 and an estimated 1,060 people explored the unique space. The Investigation Station is a roving vehicle of innovative, hands-on exhibits and specimens that makes learning fun as kids climb and crawl through and explore three zones in the 37-foot custom-built trailer.

During the fair, Diane was joined by MySci teammates Skyler Wiseman, ISP K-5 curriculum and instructional specialist, and Chris Cella, MySci driver and materials support. While visiting with people coming through, they found that many had been there last year and expressed their excitement that the Investigation Station was back. “One mom told me that her little girl was absolutely thrilled when she spotted it at the State Fair. She had seen it at the Girl Scouts 100th birthday event at Soldiers’ Memorial in downtown St. Louis and thought she would never see it again!” reports Diane.

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Chris Cella gives a thumbs up that the MySci Investigation Station is ready for visitors.
Diane Pilla spreading science excitement to a family exploring the MySci Investigation Station.