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Pinteresting Thanksgiving classroom activities

Gobble, gobble! We’ve put together a feast of Thanksgiving activities and crafts for your classroom.

Thanksgiving science
Collaborative, hands-on activities.
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Thanksgiving STEM challenges
Challenges follow the path of Pilgrims settling in America.
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Thirsty Thanksgiving
Amount of water used to produce Thanksgiving foods.
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Thanksgiving for older kids
Tips for Thanksgiving learning in the upper grades.
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Letters from the New World
Receive letters from a Pilgrim girl & Wampanoag boy.
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I spy Thanksgiving
Perfect for practicing counting or a fun quiet-time activity.
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Thanksgiving trivia cards
Test your turkey knowledge with this entertaining trivia game.
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Stuff the Turkey
It’s the perfect game for your Thanksgiving class parties.
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Turkey on strike
Fun persuasive writing activity for young learners
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83 turkey facts
Fun facts  about the official bird of Thanksgiving.
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November 2016 | by, Myra Lopez

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